Corporate Branding with tradtion

Wexford Logo

The brief was to develop a suitable logo for a historical organization that focuses on protecting the heritage of their community.

The heritage of the community has spanned 5 generations and this organization works to protect the islands and water quality for current residents and, most importantly, future generations.

“We’d like to show the values of our community”


The request was to include the outline of the shoreline as well as all of the islands on the lake.  As this was to be the official logo for the foundation it also had to convey the two official languages.

    • Letterhead template
    • Business card template
    • Envelope template
    • Resizable image for web/email
    • avoid colour usage in the logo
    • avoid elaborate graphic icons
    • avoid use of small text
    • incorporate historical features
    • make it easily recognizable
    • represent the foundation in a professional manner

The inspiration was to keep these words and phrases in mind.

Inspiration and Mood

Using the words they associate with the foundation I tried to keep the formality and honour in the elements.


The final font choice was determined by the symbolism that was created by the negative space.

The inverted W turns into silhouettes of mountains – the enduring legacy of the landscape

The X shows arrows pointing in from all directions and converging on the centre alluding to the global community that makes up the board members.

The E resembles a padlock which implies that there is a key to maintaining the conservation within the community.


I tried with several iterations to find the correct positioning, weight and balance of the type with the important graphic element. The ‘W’ and ‘X’ were also key elements to maintain the phonetic importance.