Welcome to the NEW CPD Website

The new site has arrived!

As you may have noticed (or been told), the new site is live!

After many months of searching for a new web host and publishing platform the new site is finally here! I have completely changed platforms and so have had to start from scratch. All the content was saved from the previous site, but each of the new pages has had to have been made from the ground [err…template] up. With the new platform there has been a bit of a learning curve – but heck!That’s half the fun!

In response to my previous host’s 8th email asking if everything was ok:

“This message concerns your cancellation request. We have not heard back from you in 96 hours and would like to know if you consider this issue to be resolved.”

Yup, it’s been resolved. Onwards and upwards!

The new site is live! I will be updating it twice a week for the next month so come back often to see the progress. While you’re here, please take a look around and, if you like, you can leave a comment, send an email sign up for the newsletter or even register for future shop offerings.

Come back often for more updates or just sign up for the newsletter to have the news delivered.

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